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Time Travel
Get Back Quest is a unique game project that combines education, interaction, and entertainment in a single dynamic time traveling adventure. Players are offered to travel through historical eras, solve puzzles, learn new facts, take quizzes, and make important choices. The project’s mission is to give players a totally new gaming experience based on their ability to take informed decisions under a bit of safe pressure.
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This is the story
of GetBackQuest
A group of scientists, you included, started an independent research into time traveling. However, they stumbled upon the animal testing ban, which turn all of their research efforts into virtually fruitless theorizing. The bravest among them volunteered to personally test the time machine samples. But something, as you might have expected, went wrong… Now you and other test-takers have to roam in time hoping that the next time leap will take you back home. Your time traveling watch doesn’t have energy, which can only be replenished by time spheres you get in the course of your adventures. Intelligent and loyal AI interface V-LERY will accompany you throughout your odyssey and give you quite unobtrusive, yet handy tips and hints
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